It’s all good in my hood @La Mesa Bistro and Bakery


Who isn’t dying for a killer, Homestyle Breakfast? This review is quite overdue (I have a few of these). I have been coming to this establishment since for a few years now, since they opened five years ago. It’s tucked away in a sad little shopping center but the people of La Mesa have no problems finding this diamond in the rough (not that rough). The menu is diverse but I will say that I have always been satisfied with the meals. With large, stuffed omelets and sumptuous pancakes, you can’t go wrong.


Today I ordered the 1-2-3 Breakfast: one pancake, two eggs, and three strips of bacon (glorious thick cut bacon). I asked for their Buckwheat Pancake w/ Bananas and Pecans, which was large, fluffy, and simply delicious. Did I mention their amazing thick-cut Bacon? It deserved another “shoutout”. The quality and and service makes for a pleasant experience every time. And although it seems their prices have gone up a bit since the last time, I would be hard-pressed to find another Lobster and Asparagus Benedict under $10 in San Diego. If you live in East County or have little patience for the long lines at flashier brunch spots in SD (I’m talking to you Hash House, you little minx), La Mesa Bistro has a brekkie to win over every customer.




<a href=”http://La Mesa Bistro & Bakery on Urbanspoon“>La Mesa Bistro & Bakery on Urbanspoon

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