Lido’s Italian Restaurant

Last Friday, Paul and I were craving some italiano and found the quaint, local fave called Lido’s Italian Restaurant in Lemon Grove. If you are looking for Italian comfort food, the search is over. Lido’s Italian Food started its longstanding love affair with San Diego locals, serving up Italian comfort food back in 1955- pretty impressive track record for San Diego, at least.

What will you find at Lido’s? No stuffy ristorante here. Instead, you feel as if you stepped inside your long-lost Italian Nonna’s home and told “Mangia!”.

I ordered the meat and cheese ravioli, covered in bright marinara sauce. My boyfriend Paul (purist that he is) judges his Italian joints by the chicken Parmigiana. His verdict? The best CP to date! It had a perfect crust, melted mozzarella, and that same marinara. I also found the spinach and cheese ravioli to be so luscious, it made me want to curl up on the sofa with a big bowl of it, drenched in parmesan, watching The Holiday.

The only downside: their version of hors de oeuvres. A sad plate of Cheez-its that makes you fear the next dish. But have no fear! Simply ignore that and the soup (just bleh) and get ready for stick-to-your-ribs lasagnas and other hearty pasta dishes that will send you on a one-way to happy town.

Lido’s also supports local kids’ sports teams, which I find nostalgically adorable. It is a warm, family-friendly environment that locals have sworn by for years, and being so close in proximity, I am now a bona fide Lido’s fan (gotta support local biz).
In terms of comfort, this food would beat out your favorite jeans. Not if, but when we return; the eggplant Parmesan is next on my list (and I think we all know what on Paul’s plate).


<a href="http://Lido's Italian Foods on Urbanspoon“>Lido's Italian Foods on Urbanspoon

About Ellian

I have always been an adventurous and healthy eater. Always searching for new flavors and local gems in old San Diego is what puts a smile on my face. I love to cook and share the finished product with, anyone who cares! This blog is for sharing my finds and obsessions with everyone. People tend to ask me "where do you eat this" and" how do you make that". So I decided to chronicle my discoveries. My hope is that by reviewing some of our local eats and sharing some of my homemade creations in the kitchen; others will also be inspired to explore deeper into their communities, and their kitchens:)
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