RK Cafe Sushi- San Diego


R.K. Café Sushi

334 West Washington St.

San Diego, CA

This review is soooo overdue. RK has been my refuge for quite some time. Quietly ducking into the nondescript sushi den and eavesdropping on the sushi chef’s uni and lobster-hunting efforts on my lunch hour. Over the past two years, I have recruited quite a few friends who are now RK junkies, like myself (and in desperate need of an RK-Anonymous group). I suppose I have been selfishly keeping this place on the down low and all to myself. But thanks to its ever-growing popularity on the weekends, the word is out!

With RK’s large sake + large beer for only $5.25 all day, it will draw a crowd for happy hour alone. The rolls are organized by price ($3-$11), making it easy for those looking to keep their wallets (and bellies) fat. I know some people have trust issues when it comes to sushi on a budget. In some cases, I would agree with this theory. But when a business has the turnover and volume that RK does, freshness is a nonissue. Plus, a little birdy at Catalina Offshore Seafood told me that they supply quite a few of these popular sushi joints, so you know its good.

A few of my favorite rolls at RK Café Sushi have to be the Washington Roll, El Fuego Roll, and the Sexy Roll. The Washington Roll has three different fish (tuna, shrimp tempura, and salmon) with the wonderful spicy mayo/eel sauce combination, and torched onion slices cut through the buttery salmon like a Hatori Hanso sword (sorry, couldn’t resist the Kill Bill reference). If you like heat (i.e. jalapenos and fire sauce), get the Fuego and thank me later. Now my guilty pleasure is the Sexy Roll. If you are a sucker for scallop, this is your roll. This roll has the holy trinity: sweet (scallop and eel sauce), spicy (spicy tuna and spicy mayo), and crunchy (shrimp tempura and crunch flour). Note: you will need a soft place for your head within 20 min. of ingesting these rolls, for you will indefinitely be falling into a food coma shortly after.


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About Ellian

I have always been an adventurous and healthy eater. Always searching for new flavors and local gems in old San Diego is what puts a smile on my face. I love to cook and share the finished product with, anyone who cares! This blog is for sharing my finds and obsessions with everyone. People tend to ask me "where do you eat this" and" how do you make that". So I decided to chronicle my discoveries. My hope is that by reviewing some of our local eats and sharing some of my homemade creations in the kitchen; others will also be inspired to explore deeper into their communities, and their kitchens:)
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