Brekkie @ Donut Bar in San Diego


Donut Bar

631 B St.  (310)625-5571

San Diego, CA




20130410-122150.jpgCrème Brulee Donut Wow.

Need I write anything at all? These photos paint more than a thousand words (and probably more gracefully than I can as well). Welcome to Donut Bar. And although this sweet new establishment has only been open for two months, the word is not only out, it is living up to it as well. Now, let me just preface this by saying that I am not an expert on donuts, but I appreciate good food and the thought going into it.


As I was waiting for my friend to meet me, I was lucky enough to get chance to chat with the co-owner Santiago Campa about the philosophy behind their elevated, artisanal donuts. This is no part-time gig. Late-night passersby can catch a glimpse of these delectable halos receiving the royal treatment of custom-fitted toppings. Basically, the owners work ’round the clock to produce fresh and innovative flavors, while producing (and selling out) twice as many donuts (avg. 1000-2000) per day than the average donut chain (avg. 600-800). Also, the sweet-toothed duo has created the buzz on their biz solely through word of mouth and social media (that means $0 spent on marketing). Pretty bloody impressive. The donuts run from $1-3 and coffee for only a buck. Artisan on a budget, am I dreaming or is this heaven?

20130410-122217.jpgCrème Brulee and Blueberry w/ Meyer Lemon Donut

Let’s get to the donut. I went with their signature Blueberry w/ Meyer Lemon Glaze and Crème Brulee Donut. Both were sensational. The Blueberry cake donut had the perfect balance: not overly sweet, fluffy cake, and the glaze had a terrific tart finish. The Crème Brulee had the quintessential hard-crack sugar top (love that) paired with the sumptuous vanilla bean speckled custard. My friend was also gracious enough to share her Salted Caramel Donut, which was pure sweet savory heaven. It is the epitome of accessible decadence. This is what I want served at my wedding.

20130410-122235.jpgBlueberry w/ Meyer Lemon Glaze (below) and Chocolate Euphoria (triple choco threat) (above)

The Donut Bar will also unveil a second-story lounge within the next month, featuring a haven for both suits and students getting their donut on. Santiago said they plan to implement a roll-top window that overlooks B St., so one can happily experience the summer breeze whilst surfing the net and devouring these beloved rings-o-joy

. 20130410-122647.jpgPartners in crime (kid-approved artisanal donuts? Please, I had him at “donut”)

The flavors change daily, but the pride and love that go into these tasty treats are visible and steadfast. The quality @ Donut Bar is undeniable and top-notch. Not just for San Diego but in my opinion, trumps Blue Star (review still pending) and Voodoo Donuts in Portland. Now for all the Voodoo devotees, just take a breath. Their donuts are undoubtedly innovative but I just prefer the delicate balance of flavors that Donut Bar

has illustrated in every bite.

. 20130410-122727.jpg Small but mighty!

I would give Donut Bar three thumbs up if I could (which would mean I have bigger issues to tackle). Why go to the Copley Center when I can just cross the street to Donut Bar and for a few dollars, have a symphony on my palate? Because, that my friend, is truly music to my ears.

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